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There is no good, nor evil, only truth.


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The information below has been confirmed, personally, as truth by the following Gods: Inanna, Phenex, Naberius, and Enki. It has also been confirmed by my girlfriend's Guardian Demon, Seere.

Before humans, and before time on Earth, many entities existed which are now called Gods. They are technically called extraterrestrials, as they fit the definition of such a word: life which does not originate from planet Earth. We have called them Gods because they have much power over nature, something we, as humans, often are unable to achieve without assistance from them.

Thousands of years ago, the Gods created humans, both in the closest resemblance to their own image and some more developed monkeys as possible, so as not to upset the evolutionary balance of the planet Earth too much.This is why many religions claim that their higher entity created humans in his/her image, and also why many Gods in religions are portrayed as humans.

Humans were created from souls in the Astral Plane, a place of spirits and energy (and, for all who are curious, immortality). The souls had been through life after life as animals other than humans, but would not remember in a new life on their planet (Earth, for example) details from the Astral Plane or old lives - at least not anything worth mentioning, especially if born on a different planet and/or as a different species. They were given, however, power that naturally evolved animals did not have. This power was channeled through locations on the body that would be helpful for the task each type of energy would be used for. This is the origin of chakras. There are seven main chakras, and other energy pathways known as minor chakras (these are many).

The Gods created humans because they had discovered gold on planet Earth, a beautiful metal that the Gods longed to bring to the Astral Plane. So, they created a species of animal intelligent enough to handle the gathering of gold and the following of orders while being able to have free thought as souls.

The Gods descended from the Astral Plane to planet Earth, joining the humans and mining for gold in what is known as the Mining Project. Not all Gods were in agreement after the Mining Project was done, however. The God in charge of the Astral Plane, and ruling over all life, intended to let humans live and flourish. However, other Gods wanted to destroy humans. They were disobedient to their leader, and tried to kill the humans. They did so through tactics "natural" and "unnatural" (sickness vs. murder), but this was upsetting to the Gods who had married and befriended humans, the humans, and the Gods still in allegiance with the leader. There were many Gods who wished for humanity to live on, and thus humanity was protected. The other Gods gave up, were punished, and were banished from the ranks of the creator God.

Humans developed on their own for thousands of years, worshiping and seeking guidance from the Gods who had helped them and returned to the Astral Plane. However, eventually some humans longed to hold more power than the others. They began destroying knowledge of the original Gods and of the Mining Project, and of humanity's internal power, burning villages and libraries and crushing temples and tombs. They created a "religion," or belief system, and taught it to the children of the next generation, preparing to take the power they wanted.

Eventually, mass amounts of people had been enslaved under the hoax of the power-hungry, unknowingly betraying and blaspheming the truth. The Gods banished in the Mining Project were pleased by this, and worked to corrupt the hoax and giving the Gods in the true Astral Plane a bad name. The religion developed into what is now known as Judaism, taking two of the names known to humanity for the leader God of the Astral Plane and making him out to be ugly, "evil," and harmful. This was the origin of the commonly known Christian "Satan." Other Gods of high rank in the Astral Plane were taken and corrupted, the "Virgin Mary" being a destruction of the granddaughter of the lead God's half-brother: Astaroth (as she is most commonly known). This is just one of many examples in many religions.

The terms Heaven and Hell originally had no connotation with "good" or "evil." They referred to the Crown Chakra, the one at the top, and the Base Chakra, the one at the bottom. This is also where the concept of Heaven being above and Hell being below comes from. The sky is full of clouds and light, and the Earth is filled with molten lava. Hence the traditional images of each "location."

The leader God has been known to humanity as many names. Some of the more common ones are Ea, Enki, Melek Taus, Lucifer, and Satan. The truth behind "Satan" meaning "adversary" in Hebrew is that the Hebrews were under the influence of their leaders who longed for control, and they were fed the word/name "Satan" to be put as an enemy. The way they explained their "adversary" being also Lucifer, which means "light-bearer" in Latin (derived from the Babylonian King, also related to the main Babylonian God Ea), was their sudden adding of Lucifer as a "fallen angel." Lucifer is only mentioned once.

Originally, the word Demon carried no negative connotation. This was developed as Judeo/Christianity spread. The true definition is, from the Greek "daemon," a spirit or divine power. "Angels" are the Gods who deserted humanity and wanted the death of humans. "Angel" is strictly Judeo/Christian in origin, deriving from a fusion of Old English "engel" (with a hard "g"), and the Old French "angele." These derive from "angelus" (Latin) and "angelos" (Koine Greek), which mean messenger, but were originally derived from the Hebrew "mal'akh," often followed by "yehowah," meaning "messenger of Yahweh" (cited here), who is the fictitious "God" created by the Hebrews in power (Yahweh, Jehova, Jehovah, and Yehowah are all the same). All beliefs on Angels and Demons were passed on to Christianity, and other religions now wrongfully identify helpful sprits as "angels," especially in "New Age" beliefs.

Many modern humans who worship the original Gods and their leader identify as Satanic - something that has gotten a bad reputation due to people with the Christian idea of evil stuck in their heads. It is easiest to refer to the Astral Plane as Hell, and the leader God as Satan, as they are the most common terms. That is why Spiritual Satanism is called what it is.

Spiritual Satanism is not a religion - it is truth. The truth just needs to come from the right source - unbiased and approved by more than one individual human and more than one Demon - especially Satan. This paragraph was dictated from him, personally.


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